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Refer a Friend is an initiative where you can invite your friends to join our
SYKES family and receive incredible prizes in return.

How does the SYKES Academy program work?

If you have a friend with an advanced English level looking for a job, invite them to join SYKES. Fill out the form with your friend’s contact information, so our team can get in touch. Once contacted, the hiring process will begin with an interview to measure their English level and other competencies. Once your friend is hired, you will receive a bonus (payment modality: 50% when training starts, 50% after graduation).
How long does it takes for a candidate to receive the first call?

Once you submit the referral information through the official channel, it takes 48 hours to make the first contact.

What are the steps in the recruitment process?

1. Initial interview.
2. Computer and English tests.
3. Second interview.
4. Final interview.
5. First day of training.

How do you receive the referral bonus?

If your referred candidate is hired and begins training, you will receive 50% of the referral bonus. Once she/he finishes training, you will receive the remaining 50%.

Where can I Refer a Friend?

Through the official internal  channels or social media platforms.

Whom should I ask for follow up?

You may write an email to for follow up inquiries.

What happens if my referral misses the first call?

The recruiter will contact your referral at different times for three consecutive days.


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Copyright 2022. All rights reserved. Developed by Mood Machine Web